After Sales Services

Each buyer has the right to make sure of the product’s suitable performance after s/he has made his/her purchase. We have provided a buy support card for all our products in order to respect your choice. This card represents our commitment so that whenever you face a possible problem, we will do our best to resolve it. We will be with you for both supplying parts and repairing.

After you have made your purchase and have made sure that the product is in good condition, we want you to text the number on the back of the buy support card to the SMS system number of 2155050024. You will get a response that validates the expiration date of the above mentioned card and the originality of the purchased product.

An impressive 20 year experience in the art and industry of chandeliers and more than 85% customer satisfaction from our products during this period proves our commitment to services and products that we provide for you.