Are all products of Cheshmeh Noor manufactured by this company?

No. The majority of products that are released by Cheshmeh Noor are produced by itself. But another part of products are imported.

Is it possible for the consumer to purchase directly from Cheshmeh Noor?

We believe that Internet sales will soon become as one of the most popular distribution channels. Therefore and in order to provide faster and better services, sale affairs for individual customers have been assigned to a complex know by the name of DecorShop, which is the largest Internet shop for decorative accessories and chandeliers. You can directly purchase our products by visiting the website of this shop. Although prices of this shop is not determined by Cheshmeh Noor, the most reasonable prices are set for products according to the agreement made between our companies so that Internet customers can safely purchase from this store with special offers.

Is it possible to cooperate with representatives based on their credit instead of cash?

Yes. After several times of cash cooperation with the accepted representative and establishment of mutual trust and after financial and credit assessments, credit cooperation with the representative will be formed during a formal process.

Are requests for new representative accepted?

After receiving cooperation request, our colleagues will examine issues related to representative requests. If the credit of the applicant, shop position, product types, effort and perseverance of the sales agent are authenticated and if there are no other more experienced representatives near the location of the shop that interferes with their activities, the applicant’s request will be accepted. Cheshmeh Noor is responsible for its obligations and if it concludes a cooperation agreement with an individual, no other representative will be activated near that individual’s territory in any way.

Are the prices of Cheshmeh Noor’s products lower than prices of other manufacturers?

Our motto is that price comparison is meaningless without taking the quality into account. We claim that we offer the best price in the market considering the quality that we deliver and the used raw materials. Our customs, religious, and moral codes never allow us to sacrifice quality for the sake of price wars and to put the consumer under pressure. We expect you to examine the quality first and then compare prices.

How can we get our hands on products catalog?

Given the diversity in manufacturing and releasing products, our catalogs get old pretty soon and the best solution for staying up to date is to visit Cheshmeh Noor’s website. However, if you prefer to have a paper catalog simply call the phone number of 55040014 and request a catalog from the sales department.

What is the refund policy for products?

Cheshme Noor’s direct sales are only to shops. If a certain shop requests product refund in any manner, after the status of client’s performance is examined by sales consultants, the refund method is proposed to the shop owner by consultants and they will regulate the execution plan for refund. Store clerks should note that packaging products are only refunded with the same conditions that were sent to them. But products that are brought out of their packaging are evaluated and are refunded in proportion with the product’s condition and deductions will be applied to them.

How can I get informed of special offers, sales, and festivals?

You can stay informed by entering your e-mail address here or sending your phone number to the SMS system number of 2155040014 and requesting sales information and mentioning that you are a shop owner.

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