Wood-Steel Chandeliers

Wood and steel chandeliers is made of two elements such as metal and wood. Of course, bubbles and crystals have important role in beautifying simple chandelier.

The first thing that comes in connection with the chandelier is form of chandeliers. This form of chandeliers reminds modern space and fits perfectly with spaces, such as sport, light with comfortable furniture or in bedrooms that are decorated mostly with MDF wood.

Steel elements used in the creation of this kind of chandeliers in addition to brilliance and beauty, supplied in two color of chrome and gold that chrome it seems have cool space and gold seems have warm space.

The main material of these chandeliers is iron that according to a specific technology is very delicate and without scratches and then plating with a suitable layer of gold or chrome. If not stain or scratch the plating it is created, branches and column brackets resistant against moisture and it does not create any problem even for years.

Woods are supplied in two designs, one of that solid dark color and the other one is MDF design that according to other elements used in the space, can create the most consistent. The use of wood in this chandelier makes more sense of warmth and relaxation with light in the space. As you know, our minds are designed that in areas with natural elements have more relaxing experience. So chandeliers made from wood that’s symbol of nature until you feel better than over time from your around space.

Wood and steel chandeliers is made in four sizes, such as chandeliers with 7 branches, 5 branches, 3 branches and wall-mount. You can choose just one or a combination of the number of branches according to your level of light you need. But you must notice if you need more than light you must choose those chandeliers that have downwards bubbles and if you need Soft light you must choose those chandeliers that have bubbles on the roof.

Also consider that if you’re a fan of using CFL and don’t want to bulbs be identified out of the bubble, Be sure to go into that bubble up and larger models. Of course, if you’re looking for elegance and want a stylish and compact chandeliers have smaller bubbles, more transparent and at the same time with the incandescent bulb, choose E14 and enjoy it.

You can see examples of wood and steel chandeliers of Cheshme Noor industry.