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Products of Cheshmeh Noor are released through more than 300 shops across Iran; therefore, some facilities are considered for shop clerks in the current web site so that they could stay up to date and informed about latest news and production. In addition by having pictures and specs of products, they can register their order without any errors, which sometimes happens during phone orders.

Requesting to become a representative of Chesmeh Noor is pretty easy. You just have to go to this page and fill out your information completely (Please note that shop information should be filled out completely). Afterwards, this information is given to marketers and they will contact you and provide the full terms of cooperation after they have reviewed the accuracy of the provided information. In case the preliminary agreement is made, a sales consultant will visit your shop and concludes the cooperation agreement.

Given the high diversity in manufacturing and releasing products, we will always update the website with the latest information in order to save your time and increase your order accuracy. Another interesting point is that in addition to having the latest information regarding products and related discounts, you can get informed about customer’s opinions about each product and thus you can see top products selected by customers.


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