About Us

Cheshmeh Noor Lighting Co.

Cheshmeh Noor is one of the largest complexes for importing and manufacturing of chandeliers, decorative and luxurious accessories for domestic purposes. This company started in 1995 and has taken a better and more determined step towards providing better products to customers every day. The basis of Chesmeh Noor’s diverse activities is to satisfy the consumers. Considering customer’s requests, optimizing energy consumption, and increasing competitiveness are the main elements of this company’s plans. Different parts of this complex are always trying to increasingly improve this industry in Iran.

Cheshmeh Noor factory has defined its objective as developing and promoting luxurious Iranian products especially chandeliers by using innovative designers and advanced and state of the art industrial machinery. Therefore, the company wants to provide designs that are in proportion with market’s preferences. Currently, Cheshmeh Noor complex is producing more than 30 types of Iranian chandeliers and we hope to expand our range of products in the coming years.

The foreign trade complex of Cheshmeh Noor, which is known by the commercial name of “Chenco”, has begun trading with some of the leading countries in the field of decoration and luxurious accessories. Chenco complex has always tried to select unique and different products of top notch European and Asian companies for delivering them to costumers.